• LeetCode Challenge Week 2 - Weekly Contest 156 and others

    Second week of LeetCode Challenge. Participated the virtual contest.

  • LeetCode Challenge Week 1 - Weekly Contest 155 and others

    This is the first week of LeetCode Challenges. It includes weekly contest 155 and other problems.

  • CLDictP: A Command-Line Dictionary Tool

    A command line dictionary written in Perl using Merriam-Webster APIs.

  • Static Linked List - Another Way To Represent Graphs

    Static Linked List is a data structure that stores linked list in static arrays. It is usually used to represent graphs. It is very interesting that its Chinese name literally translated as "Linked Forward Star". You have two choices of paths to understand this.

  • POJ 3279 Fliptile

    There are \(M \times N\) \((1 \le M, N \le 15)\)square tiles. Each tile can be flipped and the color of tile can change between black(1) and white(0).

  • Build a Proxy Server to Access Chinese IP Including Netease Music

    Sometimes we need to access Chinese content, like Youku Video, Netease Music (Cloud Music) and QQ music. It is very annoying to get "Can Only Be Streamed in Mainland China" or similar messages. Being tired of that, fortunately I have got a VPS from Aliyun and I build a proxy server using Shadowsocks on it and everything works smoothly now.

  • USACO Party Lamps

    A set of \(N\) \((10 \le N \le 100)\) lamps, numbered from 1 to N.

  • POJ 3268 Silver Cow Party

    There are one cow from each \(N\) (\(1 \le N \le 1000\)) farms want to go to the number X farm to have a party, hurrah! One cow from each farm need to go to the party and go back. There are \(M\) (\(1 \le M \le 100,000\)) weighted (represents time) one-direction roads connects pairs of roads. Cows are smart though, they want to go via the shortest path. The question is, what is the longest time the cow will take.

  • UVa 108 Maximum Sum

    Given an array with size \(N \times N (N \le 100)\), find the maximum value of its subarray.

  • UVa 443 Humble Numbers

    Find \(n\)th \( (1 \le n \le 5842)\) number whose only prime factors are 2, 3, 5 or 7.